Indywiki at Launchpad


A few weeks ago I submitted Indywiki at Launchpad to handle translations of the project. Not many minutes after initial submission I was surprised to see that two folks -a Norwegian and a Japanese- had translated a few string into their native languages! At the moment a few other translators have submitted translations, in french, danish, spanish, swedish and portuguese, some of the translations have been completed and reviewed by others!

Indywiki is a visual browser for Wikipedia, that was written with aim to provide an intuitive and pleasant navigation of the most famous online Encyclopedia and one of the most successful collaborative projects of human kind. Indywiki is open source software, so you can download the program and experience yourself![Read More]


Article on Linux Format magazine

Greek Linux Format magazine September-October's edition is out, featuring a Grid Computing article I have written as the main article! I'm delighted to introduce the Greek readers to the advances in Grid Computing, focusing on the EGEE grid and it's close symbiosis with open source software! In the article's 8 pages terms as grids and grid computing are explained, there's an introduction to EGEE grid and HellasGrid, plus how to obtain an account and use these resources. Scientific Linux, a Red Hat based Linux distribution that is almost exclusively used in EGEE grid is also covered, plus some famous scientific applications, such as octave and scipy. Throughout the article, the contribution of open source software for the success of scientific and research purposes is being shown, and that was probably the biggest of my goals when writing the article. If you are a Greek reader, you can find the article here, or simply go and grab the magazine!

Ex Linux Format's chief editor Dimitris Kalamaras has contributed some great graphics (made with Inkscape), plus the taxonomy tag image created with wordle.